Data Analysis
Authors Titles Country
Delcanto, Renato Extension of the Glikenko-Cantelli Theorem to the Resampling Venezuela
Surendra, Sinha Construction of a Randomization Test for the Linear Contrast of Treatment Effects Venezuela
Rojas Polanco, María Isabel Influence of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans on the Behavior of The Precipitation In Venezuela Venezuela
Torres, Elizabeth; Salazar, Teresa Profile of the Murderer Venezuela

Fuzzy Logic
Authors Titles Country
Mirsalimov, R.M; Mamedov R.G.; Babazadeh I. Fuzzy Model Of Intersected Images Recognition Based On The Theory Of Possibilities Azerbaijan
Gil Aluja, Jaime Formation of Groups of Mutually Interchangeable Players Barcelona
Gil Aluja, Jaime Management Problems In Uncertainty Barcelona
Rodríguez Wladimir Fuzzy Logic Based Voice Procesing Venezuela

Authors Titles Country
Mayouf, A. Full-Wave Modeling Of Multilayer Superconducting Microstrip Lines Sensitivities Algeria
F. Tayeboun; Rafah Naoum Analysing Inhomogeneous Planar And Rectangular Waveguides By Galerkin’s Method Algeria

Guenifi, N.; Djahli F.

Study of the MOSFET’s ageing using a new techniques Algeria

Dichiara, R.O.; Niel, Blanca

Sample Attribute Prototypes Of Small And Medium-Sized Manufacturing Firms Argentina
Cabrera Z., Francisco; Parra Ortega; Carlos Arturo An Approaching To The Problem Of Reconstruction Of Phase Of Interferometric Images Colombia
Faten Hosny, Fahmy A New Cascaded Hidropower Plants on El Sheikh Zayed Canal in The New Valley in Egypt Egypt
Maldonado, José Luciano Automatic Sentence Generator System For Speech Recognition Applications Venezuela

Reinforcement Learning
Author Title Country
Paternina, Carlos D. Flexible State-Dependant Machine Scheduling Problems Using Reinforcement Learning Colombia

Authors Titles Country
Olivera, Estela Perfectly Proper Friendly Equilibria Argentina
Bula, Antonio J; Herrera, Diane L.; Navarro, Luis F; Corredor, Lesme A. Thermodynamic Simulation Of A Solar Absorption Refrigeration System Generator Heat Exchanger Colombia
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